Museum History of Firemen of S.I.S.

At the dawn of the century, following a proposal of Blaise Martin to construct a new museum outside the walls of the barracks 1, the station manager asked him to materialize his idea into a realistic project.

One group was immediately formed. Apart B. Martin, it is composed by C. White, O. Catry, D. Criscuolo, O. Demierre, Y. and A. Gauchat Gattolliat.
Good will is not enough, the wood is expensive and money is desperately needed to achieve the planned developments. Never mind, the hurricane Lothar left behind a mountain of wood just waiting to be used!
Just go look for it in the canton of Vaud. Once the precious commodity stored, it needs skilled hands to shape it. To do this, early in the year 2000, the service creates “the month of the museum”.

Once a month the barrack 3 will be closed and, the team of the day, and men on leave, will give their time and their expertise to realize this ambitious project.

Work will continue in this way for more than seven years , before an official grand opening can be considered. It will take place May 29, 2008, or 168 years to the day after the militarisation of the Corps of firefighters of the City of Geneva by

Lt. Col. Céard.

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