Museum history

History of the Firefighters Museum of the City of Geneva

At the dawn of the century, after Blaise Martin offered to create a new museum outside the walls of the fire station 1, the “Chef de Poste” (~station manager) asked him to turn his idea into a concrete project.

A group was immediately formed. Apart from B. Martin, it was made out of C. White, O. Catry, D. Criscuolo, O. Demierre, Y. and A. Gauchat Gattollia. Good will wasn’t enough, wood was expensive and money desperately needed to achieve the planned developments. Never mind, the hurricane Lothar left behind a mountain of wood waiting to be used! The only thing left to do was to go and get it in the Canton de Vaud. Once the precious raw material was stored, it needed to be shaped by skilled hands, so at the beginning of year 2000, the service created “the month of the museum”.

Once a month, the fire station 3 was closed. The shift of the day, as well as men on leave, gave their time and know-how to achieve this ambitious project.

At that rate, work lasted more than seven years, before an official inauguration could be considered. It took place 29 May 2008, i.e. 168 years to the day after the militarization, carried out by “lieutenant colonel” Céard, of the fire brigade of the City of Geneva.

Important dates

Museum inauguration – 29 May 2008

On 29 May 2008, Mr. Patrice Mugny, Mayor of Geneva and Pierre Maudet, administrative councilor  of the City of Geneva, representatives of municipal authorities, inaugurated the museum.

Presentation of the scissors for the ribbon cutting – 29 May 2008

Former management – 29 May 2008

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