Mrs. Marie Babey-Chappuis
Administrative Advisor




The Commander of the S.I.S

The Museum of Geneva firefighters traces the evolution of our business, its technical resources, its equipment, its outfits.

It is the work of employees of the Fire Department and Rescue, active and retired, who, on a day of rest and despite an increasing operational commitment, spontaneously who came to work for the creation of this place of history. A beautiful testimony!

Besides the interest to see the equipment, vehicles and outfit presentations, the presence of retired guides is a tremendous added value for the visitor. They have a firefighter career behind them, even if we never truly leave this wonderful profession! The many explanations that will be given, the experiences that will be narrated to you and anecdotes, after more than 30 years of experience, will certainly help you understand the immense fields of action of the Geneva firefighters.

This place is for active firefighters, a link with the past and, indirectly, with the future! Every aspiring professional firefighter completes his training with a tour and explanation of the work of his predecessors, by our elders.

Beyond these considerations, this museum pays a tribute :

To those who have enabled our profession to evolve, century after century.
Honoring our elders, without which we would not have the structure and the current resources.Tribute to the men and women who engage with conviction, intense conviction, essential for accomplishing the many missions that are ours.Tribute to those who support us in our actions and enable our Corps to evolve, to adapt to the current risks to better protect and rescue, such as were able to do our seniors.Finally a tribute to those who were injured or died on duty. Sometimes we tend to forget the supreme sacrifice of too many passed senior firefighters.

Good visit to everyone and … onward in writing the next pages of our history!

Commander N. Schumacher




Mr. Georges PELLET

Dear friendly visitors, dear children,

Above all, a museum is a place where amazing collections are exhibited. Our museum is no exception to the rule. Firefighters have patiently built up our collections for decades, jealously preserving witnesses of the past. The exhibitions are made up of machinery, vehicles and various items including personal protective equipment: interesting collections as they cover a period going from the eighteenth century to the present day!

 But the originality of our museum lies in the welcoming building housing it. On an industrial wasteland adjacent to volunteer firefighters’ depot in the district of Jonction, staff of the F.R.S. took time on their leisure to create a place worth the value of exhibited materials. This creation wasn’t expensive since wood was recovered after hurricane Lothar devastated Switzerland in December 1999. Decoration and development of explanatory notes are obviously our own creations.

You must admit that our place is worth the detour, especially as it is free! We will welcome you with pleasure every Wednesday and Sunday (outside school holidays). Two volunteer guides from our association, former professional firefighters of Geneva F.R.S., will accompany you and answer all your questions.

See you soon!

President of the

Association of the Firefighters Museum of the City of Geneva

Georges PELLET